Christmas Themed Shoot with Loula’s Boutique

I have photographed various collections for Loula’s Boutique now over the last few years, I absolutely love the dresses that Lindsey makes. We were chatting last year and decided that we would knock up a Christmas themed shoot. With the assistance of the amazing model Nay Rosine and make-up wizardry of Zuhal, we were well on our way to a great shoot.

We looked at various ways to display the Christmas theme but we were looking for something less tacky than a big blown up Santa. In the end, we agreed on a complex web of baubles dangling from the ceiling and hoping to create something suited towards a fashion magazine.

Once we had the baubles how we wanted, the lights were set up to create a soft, fairly bright light throughout the images.

I love the fresh feeling of this image and is probably my favourite of the whole shoot. The red colour just add to that Christmas feeling.

The tartan set was shot at lower power giving a slightly darker and colder feel to the image.

We continued with the cold theme, this time adding some movement to the dress. I think it almost makes Ney look doll like in this image.

The final two were away from the main setup, the first was shot leaving negative space for an advert and the second was to highlight the detail in Lindsey’s dresses.

We also have a video of this shoot kindly put together by Lindsey herself, take a look at how we shot these images on Facebook.

Huge thanks to Nay our model, Zuhal for dealing with Makeup and Lindsey allowing us to shoot her collection and her assistance with the art direction!

This blog post has inspired me to setup more collaborative shoots, the results are a step above when you involve hair, makeup and stylists. Let’s see what 2017 brings!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

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