Natalie Kate

Where do I start with this post, back in 2011 I shot with a somewhat shy, delightful model named Natalie.

She did a great job and was fun to work with so we agreed that no matter where we went in our respective paths we would always try shoot now and again. Fast forward 6 years and we have shot dozens of times with Natalie being the model and also acting as make up artist on a number of other shoots that I have worked on. You can check out Natalies work on her website. Natalie does everything from photoshoots, weddings, night’s out to tailored make up training’s and masterclass’.

We have covered various styles over the years, headshots, beauty, fashion, lingerie, UV. Always looking to try add a bit of creativity to what we were trying to create.

I’m going to start with a headshot from 2015, this shot alone influenced my whole direction in 2016 as to following the black and white trend and going for wider angled portraits. I love the way the cheekbones are illuminated whilst the rest of the image is relatively dark.

I will spare Natalie by not posting the first ever shoot but here is one from December 2011, as it was winter and cold we wanted to try create an image with a colder feel. Despite Nat’s dislike of coconut we managed to grab this headshot. Initially we just went with coconut as snow and then, it felt like it was missing something an the lipstick on the face happened!

Next up we have this one, a Hello Kitty / Barbie themed shoot. Taken before I found my love for mood and shadows so this is a bit brighter than what has become my normal style.

This one was from 2013 and for a while became one of my most liked images on social media. I think this was about the time Nat signed for Girl Management in London. 

Here is a more recent image from September 2016, we hadn’t shot for ages so decided to see what we could get. I love the tones in this image and as always the make up is perfect. I think there’s a refinement in this image too.

Back 18 months to February 2015, when valentines day is a distant memory and roses are cheap again!! Another one of my all time favourites, I actually had this printed in large format gloss and it was stunning.

Not a conventional angle or crop on this one, I still like it enough to share. This was in the time I was trying to find my black and white style. I like it simply because its a more fashion shot, we have covered a multitude of genre in our shoots and I like to keep the portfolio fresh.

I have too many favourites from our shoots! This time from April 2015, the lacey tops with freyed edges were all over my timelines and we wanted to incorporate into our shoots. Loving the highlight on the cheekbones on this.

At Natalie’s request I have added this one to the blog, always on the lookout for a theme or a prop - this time it was the hat. Was quite hard selecting the images to use just because we have so many to choose from.

Following on from the coconut image, we were always on the look out of what we could dip Nat into and turns out hundreds and thousands work for beauty too. 

Heres one from 2014, this became the first Flickr Explore that I received for the photography I wanted to be recognised for. We tried the wet hair on a couple of occasions but this seemed to capture the attention with over 10k views. Taken with a 35mm prime when I was aiming to get closer with my portraits.

These were taken a couple of months prior at 85mm, I quite like the shyness of the first image, that said its probably more a coldness given it was the end of October in a freezing studio covered in water droplets.

So, this one was selected by both Natalie and myself for an edit. It seems to just have something about it (besides it being slight out of focus!) I wanted to include it just because things aren’t always as perfect, this taught me that engagement over technical perfection is fine.

I’m going to finish off with this one, I think this was also from the last time we shot. Simply lit well toned black and white image.

Natalie is a great model and amazing Make-Up Artist. Shoots are fun and we get through plenty of pizza and sweets. As a final final image, I thought I would drop this one in :) I have about four of these types of images.

Very much looking forward to shooting Natalie when I get into the new studio this Spring.

If you are looking for a Make-Up Artist for a Prom, Wedding, Night out or whatever Natalie is definitely worth a look. Natalie also holds makeup classes as groups if you just want to learn a bit about makeup and techniques, ideal girls night in or party.

As always if you are interested in a model portfolio feel free to drop me a message and we can create something special. 

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