Siblings Shoot

Hi folks,

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog post, I have been ill and extremely busy. I’m feeling a little better now and wanted to share this shoot from before Christmas.

Slightly different to my usual images but thoroughly enjoyed the shoot. Usually, my family shoots involve smaller children and parents, this time I was asked to shoot four adult siblings. The images from this shoot were to be used as Christmas presents - hence the delay in releasing some of them publicly.

I met the family at Skipwith, local to all of us, convenient and always provides a nice location to shoot if the weather is right.

Sam was up first, I always like to get a few individually and try to loosen everyone up. I find this works for me in getting more natural images later on.

I passed this scene as we walked through, the way the branches had been felled and the framing by the tree caught my eye and thought we could give it a go. Jack and Kylie are the eldest of the bunch.

Same scene but a different angle to catch Sam and Beth, the younger pair of the family. 

The idea of the shoot was to capture this shot, all four siblings together naturally. Walking seems to help to get people to relax and makes it so easy to get a pleasing photo. This one was ultimately printed on 40 inch gloss and looked AMAZING!

I saw the gate and just needed to get everyone on there for a few images. The gate didn’t lock and it was constantly moving but we got there in the end!

More spontaneity, loved the shape of the tree and just wanted to use it. This is my personal favourite of the whole shoot. Despite shooting four adults, there is a childlike fun feeling to this.

A quick poll resulted in the unanimous decision that Sam was the favourite child, therefore she got to have a go on the swing! I love the fun images.

And finally… to close out the session I decided to grab an image in direct contrast to them walking towards the camera and went with them walking away. 

A fun shoot and some pretty pleasing result’s all in all, the presents were very well received and I received a message on Christmas day from the father of the family expressing his appreciation, I cannot ask for a better endorsement than that!

Again, if you would like to book a session please check out my prices and use the contact me section to find out more. 

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