The New Studio [updated]

I’m inching closer and closer now to finally getting the new studio underway. The plastering is complete ready for the finalisation of the electrical’s, painting and flooring.

Very much looking forward to getting my own studio space back, the haven where I can go and be creative. My previous studio was 45 minutes away, so having something literally on my doorstep will be a godsend and will given me more flexibility to shoot at weekends.

Taking a break this last three months has really focussed my creative thoughts and I am very grateful for the number of messages from models and make up artists looking to work with me when we are underway. From a personal project perspective I plan to concentrate mainly on headshot’s and work the beauty/portraits angle.

I do not think we will be too long now, I would estimate that we are functional by mid-March. 

Below we have some images of the studio when I first visited, when the centre lift area was removed and when plastered. I will update the blog and include the after pictures once painted and with the finished product. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far and to those who continue to do so, whilst my studio is under refurbishment I am taking bookings in parks and outdoor spaces so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any requirements.


Centre piece removed, new windows installed allowing light flow

Boarded/Plastered (Courtesy of Darren Jackson)

Part of the painting done with help from my daughters 

Need get the flooring in, the far end will be whitewash boarded flooring to create an infinity corner, the centre will be carpetted for warmth and then the far end a laminate flooring which will double up as a set area from time to time.

Very much starting to take shape and I should be in there in a few weeks now.



So we should have electricity on 6th April, this will make the studio usable. I can then complete the final parts of renovation over time. I need to add a small changing room, staged floor, we need to carpet the place and were all set! 

Looking forward to getting in and creating some images. I’ve a solid list of shoots lined up already and cannot wait to get started.

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