The Wilson’s

Often in the run up to Christmas I am asked to photograph families in order for clients to be able to give the images as gifts as Christmas presents. I love this idea and its great to know that my images are going up on display in people’s homes, this is what it’s all about for me. The downside to this, however, is that I don’t get to post any of the lovely images!

This shoot was an exception as it was a wedding anniversary gift so I thought I would share what we captured.

The shoot took place one Sunday afternoon at Skipwith, just outside of Selby. It’s a great spot for a walk, paths and woodland awash with wildlife and is usually fairly quiet. It actually rained as we arrived and after 5 minutes under a tree it cleared, the sun came out and we got on with the shoot.

We have known Amy and Paul for around six years now, a lovely family with two daughters Grace and Ava. 

Our first stop was this tree swing, this was actually where we were sheltered from the rain at the start of the shoot. Amy and Paul are real life childhood sweethearts and have been together forever (22 years no less) so it’s great to have been able to get a fun image to capture their togetherness. 

Grace is the eldest of the two girls. I love the way this captures the father/daughter feeling.

Grace was an obliging model on the day, never once tried to avoid the camera and was there on demand every time.

After the first few shots, Ava wanted a rest from the camera. No such luck though, I managed to snap this image (my favourite of the whole shoot), I love the way it captures the shyness of Ava and the love from mother to daughter.  

We were soon back on track though and Ava was back to her happy self. 

This gateway section is new, I wanted to use the gate as it has some interesting lines. Love the look between Paul and Ava here. 

Then penultimately we have a portrait of Grace and Ava, although I have a few with them looking at the camera but prefer this one and I think it’s a more intimate shot.

And finally! This was an image that Amy was hoping to capture, armed with giant balloons and, after finally managing to blow them up and getting over the light headedness we managed to grab this image as a fun end to the shoot. Amy is always looking for something different, she has an amazing craft product range which has a host of personalised gift ideas.

A big thank you to the Wilson’s, I really enjoyed the shoot and I think we managed to capture some lovely images. The shoot was finished in about an hour and a half and they received a disk packed with amazing memories, if you are interested in a shoot please check out my packages and message me via the contact page!

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